Gregory Tessler, M.A.

3 Facts

1. master's degree in HR from a top university
2. over 20 years' experience including positions as Regional HR Manager and Global C&B Advisor
3. Fortune Global 500 companies and small firms have profited from his expertise.

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May 2015 - Business Lunch

1st meeting: Gregory Tessler, Margaret Childs, CEO of Metropole and Andreja Mrzel, Manager at BlackLine

Gregory Tessler in his own words

Since earning my master's degree in HR, I have worked in over 5 countries including positions as Regional HR Manager and Global C&B Advisor.

Now, my wife, our children and I are based in Vienna, but I travel for high-profile projects.

My LinkedIn profile provides a traditional overview of my education and experience. However, the information below might give you a better insight into my personality and working style.


Life Changing Experiences

1. Karate
- performing under pressure and delivering results
(earning black belt, winning trophies and medals)

2. Soccer/International Football, Baseball and other team sports
- enjoying being part of a team and making lifelong connections 

3. Mediation/Conflict Resolution
- resolving conflict with long-term solutions for both sides, not just the law
(In high school, the Dean and teachers chose me to be a student mediator.)

4. meeting my Austrian wife 23 years ago and raising a family together

5. living in 5 countries and working in many more


Working Style

The photo above was taken at a business lunch and it is a good representation of my personality. It was not staged. Special thanks to Roland Rudolph, professional photographer, for his amazing talent of capturing live moments. Also, I would like to thank Margaret Childs, CEO and Founder of Metropole, and Andreja Mrzel, Manager, Customer Success, EMEA at BlackLine, for granting me permission to place our photo on my website. As you can see, a collaborative approach is my preferred style.


For more information, please refer to my LinkedIn profile: