Baseball Team Building
(optional BBQ or Biergarten)


Why baseball team building?

  1. Almost everyone starts at the same level.
    Most Central Europeans have little experience with the game even though it is played in many countries including the Netherlands, Italy, Venezuela, Cuba, China... In Japan, baseball is the most popular sport!

  2. Almost everyone can play and it’s really fun!
    Even if you cannot run, you can still play. One of your colleagues can run the bases for you after you hit the ball. More importantly, baseball is a really fun game even though it might appear complicated on TV. When you actually play, you learn the rules quickly.

  3. It is safer than most team building activities.
    We can play with a soft ball instead of a traditional baseball. Also, men and women can play together. For beginners, height and muscles are not so important like they are for basketball and football.


How many people can play? Will we only play baseball?

This team building activity works well with 12 to 30 people. In addition to playing baseball, at least 2 other short team building activities will be included to help employees bond together and have fun.

What factors determine the price?

1. Number of Participants
- If there are more than 18 participants, it is necessary to hire additional trainers.

2. Food/Cuisine (optional BBQ/barbecue or Biergarten)
- Depending on your budget, I will organize an appropriate meal.

3. Other Factors
- Photos and/or Videos
- permission or restriction on placing photos on my website
(We can blur faces to conform to data privacy regulations.)
- Baseball Caps and/or Shirts
- We can play for 1 to 3 hours.


What if it rains?

No worries. We can reschedule the date without any extra fees.

Does Tessler HR Solutions organize other team building activities?

Yes. Although baseball is one of my passions and I recommend that you try it (“leave your comfort zone”), I am happy to organize other team building activities. If you put down a non-refundable deposit, I will present my other team building activities and create an event that is tailored to your team.


For more information about this offer or other team building activities, please contact:
Gregory Tessler, M.A. at +43 664 557 92 93.



Photos: Dreamstime