Tessler Training

When I moved from Salzburg to Vienna and took on the role of CEO for Coca-Cola HBC Austria, I wanted to refine my English. Coca-Cola HBC Austria chose Gregory Tessler due to his business experience and knowledge of modern training methods. He quickly identified my needs and helped me achieve all of my goals. Greg is customer-oriented and he is filled with positive energy.
— Dr. Dieter Moser, CEO of CJSC Multon (subsidiary of Coca-Cola HBC)


Training with ROI

How many training courses have you attended in your life?
Did these courses significantly improve your performance? 

Unfortunately, the majority of trainers utilize an ineffective training method. 

Tessler HR Solutions will increase your return on investment from training.

Types of Training:

In addition to increasing ROI, the following courses are provided:

- Premium English Training for Executives and Corporate Groups

- HR Workshops for Managers on Salary and Bonus Communication

- Preparing Managers for Assignments in the USA